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ERP for Small Businesses and

Midsize Companies

Capture all your data in an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for small businesses and midsize companies.

Top Benefits

Up to


Stock Accuracy

Up to


Increased Productivity

Up to


Improved Picking Efficiency

Warehouse Management
System (WMS)


Real-time inventory

tracking & tracing

Real-time inventory

status and monitoring

Reorder points

& low stock alerts

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Purchase management

& supplier management

Proper inventory


Quality management

and control

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Production Planning (PP)


Auto data entry

Analysis of machine efficiency and utilization

Raw material routing

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Loading and

scheduling coordination

Definition of Bill of Materials (BOM) for all products up to any number of levels

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Generating reports

related to production

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Human Resources Manufacturing System (HRMS)


Automate and optimize a data

analysis on peer positions and

pitch the correct salary

Organize and store financial data.

Handles all legacy

systems for

compensation and


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Automate most of the repetitive, regular tasks that drag down the efficiency of HR management.

Attendance management

Analyze information in

real-time and make

better decisions

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Supply Chain
Management System (SCMS)


Management of Inventory

Processing Customer Requirements

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Forecasting of demand

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Supplier relationship management

Managing logistic and shipping

Return management

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About Us

T-Robot has been established

since 2015. Our company is

currently serving educational, government and manufacturing industry. T-Robot is currently the branding of our company.

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CO9P, Robot Hub, C-G-5,

Block C , UPM-MTDC

Technology Centre III,

Universiti Putra Malaysia,

43400 Serdang, Selangor

Darul Ehsan, Malaysia



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